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From the Principal
  • School Hours
    M, T, Th, F: 8:10 - 3:30 pm

    Wednesdays: 8:10 - 2:00 pm (Enrichment Wednesdays dismisses at 3:30 pm)

    Our office is open 30 minutes before and after school. Phone: 970-384-5450
  • Habits of a Scholar
    At GSES, we know that there is a relationship between our “habits” of work and learning and student achievement. Practicing our five habits help us to “do our best” and “be our best” in school and life every day.
  • Habits of a Scholar
    Enthusiasm and Wonder: I can be excited and curious about learning and working with others.
    Teamwork: I can work with others to achieve a common goal.
    Compassion: I can care for myself and others.
    Responsibility: I can be trusted to make good choices.
    Determination: I can stick to a challenge even though it may be difficult.