5th Grade

Our fifth grade students and their teachers want to leave a meaningful legacy for the GSES students who follow in their footsteps. Through developing our Habits of Scholarship (Compassion, Responsibility, Teamwork, Determination, and Wonder), our fifth graders are learning that they have the power to make changes - in their world, in their community, in their school, and in themselves. We are working hard to develop leaders who collaborate when tackling tough issues. Through Crew and focused projects, our fifth graders are learning that we better ourselves and our community when the only person we compete against is us, not others. Our fifth graders are opening their eyes to the Wonder in the world, the beauty and the possibilities, as well as the challenges many in our community still face. Demonstrating Compassion and Responsibility, they are feeding the needy, designing a new playground and bus pick up zone, and providing shoes for those who go without. They know they won't be here when all the powerful changes we are embracing at GSES come true, but they know it will take Teamwork and Determination on their parts to leave lasting memories for our entire GSES community. This is one terrific group of kids we get to work with each day.