3rd Grade

Third grade is a pivotal year of social and academic growth. In order to support this growth, third grade focuses on the GSES Habits of a Scholar and critical thinking skills. We encourage self-reflection through debriefing, student created portfolios, and student-led conferences. Students work towards mastery in all academic areas. In math, the focus is on multiplication and division, fractions, and place value. For literacy, students will read and study fiction, nonfiction, and poetry with an emphasis on text supported answers. In writing, every student has the opportunity to publish multiple pieces of high quality work in a variety of writing styles. Students will explore learning through personal narratives, informational and expository paragraphs, opinion writing, and poetry. Social studies is a time for third graders to investigate their community, government, and economics. Being in such an amazing valley, we are able to incorporate the exploration of our community and surrounding areas into our studies. Through fieldwork and experiments we dig deep into a rock unit, hike through the past, ski through the states of matter, and examine and explore the life cycle of animals. Our goal is for every student to leave third grade a lifelong learner!